Building simulation

Simulation provides the essential foundation for engineering extraordinary high performance buildings buildings. By modeling building dynamics and interactions, a building can be analyzed as a system, and energy performance can be optimized so buildings can meet their design potential.

Design Green Buildings that Really Work
Heliocentric brings energy and environmental engineering expertise to your green building projects, whether you specialize in green building design, or are starting on your first project. We can work with you on a single engineering issue, optimize an existing design, or help develop a whole building project from conceptual design through commissioning

  • Make sure your project works during design — no surprises
  • Design strategies to maximize performance for any budget
  • LEED Energy & Optimization Credits
  • Simulation services: Whole building, solar systems, daylighting, hygrothermal, and building dynamics
simulation model

comfort design

Comfort Design & Daylight
Heliocentric's expertise can help ensure your building achieves not only high energy efficiency, but superb thermal comfort. Through materials selections and design modeling we can address mean radiant comfort, zonal air movements, air quality, temperature stacks, air fluid dynamics, and lighting distribution.

  • Thermal comfort analysis
  • Daylighting design and glare analysis
  • Winter and summer comfort assessment
  • Passive heating and cooling optimization

EPACT Tax Incentive Certification
With EPACT tax incentives, Heliocentric's engineering services, and often the green building upgrades, pay for themselves even before the building is built and future energy savings are realized. We help ensure the building meets your energy goals, and LEED, Passivhaus or EPACT requirements during the design phase, and provide simulation, certification, and commissioning during construction

  • EPACT building simulation services for commercial and residential
  • EPACT commercial deduction of $1.80/sq.ft. Residential credit of $2000
epact tax incentives

solar shading analysis

Building Simulation
Heliocentric specializes in building simulation. We can help you in your energy analysis and engineering efforts in whole building analysis or solar systems simulations

  • EnergyPlus
  • Passivhaus PHPP
  • CFD & FEA
  • Custom codes

bringing science to green building